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lincon platinum computers is all about specializing in IT solutions, supply and support of computer equipment, software applications, computer repairs, cabling and other IT related functions.

The company assists clients with the implementation and planning of new projects, computer repairs and maintenance, networking and structured cabling, printing of corporate items, ICT consultancy and support, access control system and help to design the best solutions for clients’ needs.

Our main function is to ensure our clients’ gets the best computer repair services, get best solutions to manage and maintain their IT infrastructure.

We also offers home delivery to clients who make orders either online or via calls made to our staff.

Our history

For the past years, Lincon Platinum Computers has built up a reputation out of computer servicing, supplies, home delivery and software solution to various clients in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya.

Our values

We believe in Integrity, Quality, Honesty and commitment to our clients. After all the biggest assets of any business lies in their clients and people.


To provide end-to-end ICT solutions at the most cost effective ways available in the industry today.


To be known leaders in computer repairs and maintenance, supply and support of IT equipment, the selling of computers and accessories , developing database application and solutions to management information system.