Featured Hardware Supply

hardware supply

All equipments featured are sold with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) warranty. Brands of hardware sold at LPC are:

repair services

Repair & Service Center

LPC repairs all computers related equipment i.e.

  • PC Repairs.
  • PC Upgrading.
  • Printer Services.
  • Onsite Repairs.
  • General repairs and upgrades of other equipment (UPS’s, Power Supply’s Networking equipment etc.)

Software Supply & Support

LPC supplies the following application and system software’s;

  • Operating System (Microsoft, Linux).
  • Microsoft Office.
  • Anti-Viruses.

 software development & web development



At LPC we develop both stand alone and distributed systems as per clients requirements.

We also design websites and any other database applications as stated by our clients.

We develop our application using the following products;

  • MS-Visual Basic/VB.Net/MS Visual studio.
  • C++/C.
  • Java.
  • MySQLi / PHP.


At LPC we offer full and compressive solution from web hosting to secure networking we offer;

  • Server Hosting.
  • Web Hosting.
  • Web Developing.
  • Web Application.
  • E-Commerce Solution.